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Windows give you the opportunity to set the style and personality of your home, a chance to let your imagination run free.

That’s why Prime Roofing & Exteriors offers diverse style of windows and design options. All styles and sizes of windows are precision-crafted to fit your home’s individual window openings and to satisfy your needs.

We install any window of your choice from top manufactures and there are no constraits with your options.


Installing new windows is a popular exterior home remodeling project that comes with so many benefits. The following are some of the most significant benefits of new window installation:

Increased Value of Home
A very significant benefit of replacing old windows is the impact it has on the value of your home. New windows will significantly increase your home value which is great if you are looking into selling your home in the near future.

Save on Energy Bills
Old windows often have cracks or gaps that cause the outside temperatures to leak inside your home and vice versa. This will cause you to spend more on heating and cooling bills to try and temperature controls your home. New windows will eliminate that issue and help you save hundreds of dollars on energy costs.

Noise Reduction
New windows will also cancel out those unwanted noises including lawnmowers, dogs barking, music, traffic, and sirens so you can sleep in, work from home, etc in peace.

Enhance Appearance both Inside and Outside
In addition to all the other benefits of new windows, they will also really enhance the overall appearance of your home both inside and out! Wow your guests, neighbors, and yourself by having American Construction install new custom windows.

New Construction and Replacement Wood Windows

Windows are known for their aesthetic beauty while offering significant energy savings. Prime is the premier distributor of windows.

Modern Features and Styling

Combining modern design features while maintaining classic styling, Trimline is the perfect window solution for every home. Each window is handcrafted and custom made. With a wide range of options such as wood type, paint, stain, and maintenance free Aluminum Clad Exterior options, you are able to select a window solution that truly accentuates your exterior and interior spaces.

The Advantages of Windows

Windows are breathtakingly beautiful, exuding traditional elegance and class. High-quality windows are made from kiln dried select Western Pine, Oak, Cherry or Mahogany. In addition to the nature of the wood itself, constructs a thermally broken sill to ensure adequate insulation and energy conservation. The sill is made from a combination of aluminum, wood and vinyl and designed to enhance the window’s overall appearance. A decorative wood bead glazing ensures that the glass is fully insulated as well. Even more, all home windows are weather-stripped and treated with a water repellant preservative.

Why Homeowners and Building Owners Choose Our Wood Windows?

Wooded Windows Distributor and Installer

  • Energy Efficient – Reduces heating and cooling fuel costs
    • High performance glass delivers great thermal performance reducing your cooling and heating costs.
    • Double weather striping provides air tight installation while preventing drafts.
  • Durability – 50 years of engineering and testing are built into every Trimline window. In fact, the window’s operation is not only effortless, but NEVER needs adjusting – that’s true quality.
  • 100% Maintenance Free Exteriors – These wood windows have aluminum exterior cladding which means they never need to be painted or stained making them 100% maintenance free.
  • Less Headaches – Having one company procure and install your windows eliminates all issues between the manufacturer and installer.
  • Options – Not only do buyers have wood and exterior color options, but there are screen, grill and lock options.
  • SAVE BIG – Royal Prime is a premiere distributor of Trimline windows enabling us to provide homeowners, building owners and contractors with factory direct pricing
  • Beyond Installation – After installation, homeowners and building owners will not only enjoy the benefits of lower heating and air conditioning costs, but delight in their increased room comfort.

We Are Here To Help

Prime is dedicated to delivering an unbeatable service with unparalleled results. No other window supplier can compare to our Trimline’s selection and expertise and our window specialists will provide you with complete specifications and options, and will help you choose the right window for your home or building.

The big selling point of replacement windows has long been the energy savings afforded by their double-paned, coated glass. Instead of just a thin piece of glass separating your living room from winter’s worst, double-paned windows have two layers with a pocket of air (a natural insulator) or a dense gas (such as argon) between them.

High-Performance Materials

Our replacement window and roofing products are well known for their impressive style and proven durability.

First-Rate Products

We’re committed to completing our installations using only the best quality products and first-rate materials in the industry.

Licensed & Insured Professionals

You can expect professional installations from our remodeling crews because we have all of the proper licensing and insurance.

White Glove Service

With more than 20 years of experience, honesty, integrity, and communication are our top priority.